The Voices You Choose

The following is a guest post from our board member, William Tincup.  I've been having interesting conversations with William for over 5 years.   Whether I've agreed with what he was saying or not, he always makes me challenge my assumptions. Like most parents, my parents cared deeply about who I hung around with when I … Continue reading The Voices You Choose

Let’s Talk About Spaceships

The following blog post is courtesy of our board member David Creelman.  He explores the impact of increasingly sophisticated robotics on the future of hourly jobs.  Readers may also want to check out this recent article from the Atlantic Monthly regarding one American case study of how the tough management decisions get made regarding the … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Spaceships

Retail Customer Service Still Counts

According to this recent study from the Axsium Group and Empathica, over 50% of North American retail shoppers do not feel that employees appear to be genuinely interested in serving them.  Eighty percent of respondents indicated a positive impact on their shopping experience when staff appear motivated and eager to serve them.  According to the … Continue reading Retail Customer Service Still Counts

On The Road With Elements of Successful Organizations

I've had a lot of fun recently promoting our new book, Elements of Successful Organizations.  We're selling books at a steady clip on Amazon, and have received great feedback from those who've read it.  By the way, don't worry about the "out of stock" message on Amazon.  Stock is on its way to them. I … Continue reading On The Road With Elements of Successful Organizations