July Retail Labor Index

Dr. Robert Yerex of the Kronos Staffing Science Team provides the following context for this month's Retail Labor Index report: Retail employers increased the number of hires they made in June to a level that was more than 30% higher than in June of 2009. Unfortunately for those seeking a position, the number of applicants … Continue reading July Retail Labor Index

Your Best Hires are a Tweet Away

As the economy recovers over the next year, organizations will need to focus more on strategies to retain valued employees.  Many published surveys during the past 18 months have revealed that employees have been protecting their job security at all costs - even if they weren't feeling particularly fulfilled or engaged at work.  As demand … Continue reading Your Best Hires are a Tweet Away

Part 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once

The following is a guest blog post from Phil Mangos, a senior scientist at Kronos.  In the following post, he discusses candidate assessment strategy.  We've discussed this topic in a prior post in 2007.  Phil's discussion digs a little deeper into not only mapping job competencies, but prioritizing them as well. As an industrial-organizational psychologist, … Continue reading Part 2: Measure Twice, Cut Once