The View from the Ground Floor

Guest Blog submitted by: Greg Scott, Jennifer Earls, Kelley Kossakoski Hello, everyone!  We are excited to introduce you to a unique miniseries at the Workforce Institute, a series of blog posts that will follow the early stages of professional development of three recent entrants into the working world. We'll tackle issues that affect how generations … Continue reading The View from the Ground Floor

Recession Surfing – How to Ride the Waves

When the economic outlook dims, people start wondering about their job security.   Having just had my 30th Middlebury College Reunion, and with close to 28 years of high tech experience under my belt, I've seen this movie before.  For those of you wondering whether you should hunker down in your current job or get out … Continue reading Recession Surfing – How to Ride the Waves

Guest Blog: The Frustration of Turnover

A Guest Post from our Board Member David Creelman -  I remember that I used to make a point of learning the names of new interns, but after a few years it seemed that they came and went so quickly that it was hardly worth the effort.  I imagine that managers of high turnover hourly … Continue reading Guest Blog: The Frustration of Turnover

Calling All Scorsese Wannabes

It's almost the 4th of July, and time to start thinking about fun things to do over the long weekend.   Here at Kronos, the halls, parking lots and email inboxes have become increasingly empty as the summertime crunch hits.  It's my parents' 55th wedding anniversary on the 4th, so we'll be heading to the beach in Rockport … Continue reading Calling All Scorsese Wannabes